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Your Hide Your Asset.com Land Trust Agreement benefits Investors, Realtors, Real Estate Attorneys, Title Companies, CPA and Tax Advisors, Real Estate Gurus and Consultants, and Instructors.

Real Estate Professional Organizations may be eligible for member discounts.


   Enter Name of Your Hide Your Asset.com Land Trust

The "Name of Your Hide Your Asset.com Land Trust" will be the "Owner of Record" for use on all public records. It will be entered on your deed/title to be recorded at the county courthouse. The name of your Trust should be unique to each property. You should avoid using your name or your company’s name or any name used repeatedly.


Enter Name of Trustee

 The Trustee is a person you trust.

The Trustee is the "Go To Person" or Contact Person for the Trust.

The Trustee Name is on the deed/title and will be on public record.

You may change the Trustee at anytime.


Enter Name of Beneficial Interest(s)

For IRS purposes, the Beneficial Interest(s) are treated as the owners; but, these names are not found anywhere on public records.


Enter Legal Description of Real Estate

 The "Legal Description" is found on your deed/title. The legal description allows a surveyor to accurately locate this parcel of real estate.



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